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ABDDES (Corporate)

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Architect By Design: Digital Enterprise Solutions

An Architect Certificate Program: : Developed by, Designed for and Delivered by Architects

In digital industry economy, it has become imperative to exploit technologies to remain competitive. Successful enterprises are creating new business models using digital technologies (including Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud, DigBusaka SMAC). Social media and Mobile devices has provided businesses with new ways to reach and interact with customers and vice versa. Analytics allow enterprises to understand how, when and where people consume certain goods and services. Cloud technologies allow handling challenges of time to market and capacity management with agility. While each technology impacts a business in a unique way, the convergence of SMAC is proving to be a disruptive force. Digital Transformation of your organization requires Digital Enterprise Applications. Solution architects play a critical role in realizing these applications and manoeuvring your organization towards a Digital Enterprise.

Defining solution Architecture is a mix of engineering and art. It is not only about acquiring theoretical knowledge but also about appropriate application of that knowledge.  Mentoring & handholding by experienced architects is essential for accelerated learning. Good architects, willing to mentor and coach, are hard to find, both inside & outside your organization. You need a comprehensive, fast track and proven process to groom architects.

CommandE3Build your elite team of Digital Enterprise Solution Architects by Design rather than by Accident. Enhance your readiness to face challenges of a digital enterprise.  Adapt uDASH’s proven Capability Oriented Maturity Model for Architects & Deliverables (COMMAND) framework that defines capabilities of various levels of architects in terms of observable & specific outputs, activities and projects’ size and complexity.



What is Architect by Design: Digital Enterprise Solutions (ABD:DES)?

ABD:DES is an architect certificate program by uDASH, built on COMMAND framework. It provides a platform, foundation and guidance necessary for fast tracking designers to grow as digital solution architects. It is a Learning Methodology with a mix of architectural concepts, product agnostic and product specific topics. This program covers end to end process from readiness assessment to certification. 

The following figure shows the steps and the structure of the program. Duration and structure of each step can be customized for larger audience based on your organizations’ specific needs.


Readiness Assessment step involves participants submitting a presentation as per a specified template and having a short discussion with uDASH’s Mentors. Only Promising and Potential Architects likely to benefit from the ABD:DES program are encouraged to join the next step.

I@Class Sessions are highly interactive presentations, with about 50% of the time spent on examples, exercises and white boarding sessions.

I@Architect Cases involves participants preparing an architecture document for a digital business scenario, under the guidance of our mentors. Participants need to work as per a defined work plan. Weekly review discussions are held to ensure progress & provide necessary mentoring.

Certification will be based on individually authored architecture for distinct digital business scenarios. An expert panel will have capability-wise discussion with participants. Those meeting the threshold will be Certified Digital Enterprise Solutions Architects in your organization.

Who should attend?

Aspiring and Junior Architects
* IT experience of 4+ years, including 2+ years as a designerParticipate
* Experience in any of the programming languages
* Designer experience in JEE and SOA is highly desirable

During Readiness Assessment, participants demonstrating a knowledge of JEE & SOA architectural concepts will be encouraged to skip the Foundation part of I@Class Sessions.


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