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Cloud Solution Architect By Design (CSABD)

An Executive Certification Program on Cloud Solution Architcture


Forecast For Next Two Years: Partly Cloudy 

By 2016 Cloud Adoption becomes the bulk of new IT spend Gartner 2014

By 2016 will be a defining year for cloud as private cloud begins to give way to hybrid cloud, and nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017 Gartner 2014

By Cloud adoption's tipping point has arrived: Companies now trust the cloud, so it's time for IT to move from denial and anger to acceptance Infoworld Aug 2014

Challenges in Transitioning to Cloud

  • Refactoring Architectural talent to confront the cloud
  • What is so different in building solutions on the cloud?
  • What are the differences between multiple PaaS providers (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, Force.com, et al) today?
  • Keeping up with rapid evolution of various PaaS platforms
  • Does it make (architectural and financial) sense to cherry-pick the services from the providers and build your own myPaaS?
  • Is there any secret sauce for architecting solutions on the cloud which is vendor-agnostic?
  • Will PaaS platforms ever become commoditized enough (as in the case of IaaS) with very limited differentiation?

Program Objectives

  • Understand the underlying product/platform agnostic principles of the architecture of the Cloud
  • Make informed architectural decisions on what/why/how to transition to Cloud
  • Empower the architects to confront the cloud with confidence

Who should attend

  • Architects experienced with traditional platforms and looking to transition solutions to the cloud (private, public or hybrid)
  • Solution Architects who have since graduated to the Enterprise Architect cadre are also welcome

Program Details

  • Three day program, 9am to 430pm
  • Small class size, highly interactive (10 to 12 particpants)
  • Foundations & Concepts reinforced through Caselets, Examples and Exercises
  • Take-home Project

Business Impact

  • Empower your Architect team with the knowledge required to conquer the cloud
  • Fine tune your Cloud Transition Strategy with pragmatic goals and timelines
  • Decision making related to transition to Cloud is simpler, shorter and more informed
    • Demystify the process
    • Take initial experiences & standardize across the enterprise
  • Higher success rate on projects involving Cloud
  • Benefit from COMMAND framework to enhance your architectural capability in your organization

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